Über mich


My name is 

Gabriele Dienstl.

I was born in Vienna, Austria and am living in the Weinviertel - just a short distance outside Vienna - for 20 years now.


I am married, and have three children.


I work as a freelance editor for different newspapers and magazines, as well as in the field of adults education.


My ideal day involves writing, gardening, cooking and eating with my family, yoga and reading. Also inspiring conversations with motivated people...


How my German courses were born


You find the idea of learning a foreign language during relaxing holidays in a country-specific environment with personal guidance just great? Without any school atmosphere, stress or boredom?

Me too. But this concept was not created by me. I myself have enjoyed this kind of language holidays in Burgundy / France just a few years ago and absolutely loved it. The rural tranquility at the accommodation and learning center, the familiar way of teaching and the interesting trips in the afternoon brought the country, its people and of course the French language very close to me and I still like to remember that special time.


Since I learned about the naturalistic language acquisition by Stephen Krashen I am a great supporter of this method and use it for myself to learn my third foreign language, Italian.  By using the advantages of a naturalistic approach to foreign languages I can offer my German courses in the Weinviertel exactly as I've always imagined.


Currently I am learning another favorite language of mine with this method: Italian. If you want to see my progress after 6 months just go here.


Do you have any questions? I am happy to answer them, please contact me under gabriele (at) urlaubmitsinn.at oder use the contact form.

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