Learn German during your holidays, no grammar needed

in Weinviertel near Vienna, Austria

German trainer Gabriele Dienstl
Hallo, I am Gabriele. I will lead you through a fantastic week of exploring the hidden gems of lower Austria - in German.

Deutsch sprechen

The method of acquiring a language, in contrast to learning it, leads to astonishing achievements in foreign languages in a very short time. I myself use the "natural approach method" by Stephen Krashen to learn my 4th language, Italian, and am thrilled.


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Weinviertel table with wine and glasses
You will see some of the most idyllic places in the region of Weinviertel.

Get to know the Weinviertel

I will take you on a guided excursion to special places, events and attractions . You will learn to love the Weinviertel. The relaxed, quiet landscape, historical features and culinary delights await you.


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"In the real world, conversations with sympathetic native speakers who are willing to help the acquirer understand are very helpful." - Stephen Krashen
"Conversations with sympathetic native speakers who are willing to help the acquirer understand are very helpful." - Stephen Krashen

Your benefits


You will not realize that you constantly feed your brain with vocabulary and structures of German syntax. But after five days of your de-stressing vacation with my course "Deutsch im Weinviertel" you will be able to understand and speak German as you never did before.


Learn why my courses are different

Stimmen von Kursteilnehmern:


"Ich hatte viele Möglichkeiten, deutsch zu sprechen und neue Wörter zu lernen, vor allem die Spiele waren motivierend. - Zana / Macedonia


"Mir hat am besten die Führung im Weinkeller und die Wanderung am Jakobsweg gefallen. - Matt / USA


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Your companion during your week in lower Austria

Gabriele Dienstl mit Kursteilnehmern bei einer Führung durch einen Weinkeller.
Everyday there is something new to be marveled at ....

Gabriele: "I'm excited to give you a new understanding of the German language, with lots of fascinating ways to create inspiring and entertaining lessons. You will gain extraordinary experiences through our daily, well chosen excursions, our "hidden gems", and enjoy the company of other motivated participants - just like you!"


And the German language will accompany you throughout the whole day.