My german courses are different.

Gabriele Dienstl hält lachend eine Aktionskarte hoch, die zum sprechen animiert.

You want to have a better understanding of the German language?

You want to be able to speak German fluently?


We work without German textbooks. Instead we create our own unique portfolio, which you can use and extend at home as well.


You are able to either choose the content of the lessons yourself or use topics I previously worked on.


What is happening during "Deutsch im Weinviertel"? For example, my participants ... 

  • ...construct a plan for their near and further future life. What makes you content? What do you want to accomplish in life? How can you reach your goals?
  • presentations on a topic that interests them (to improve their free speech in a safe environment)
  • ...jump into conversations and dialogues spontaneously (training for vocabulary and listening)
  • ...invent new gymnastic exercises and explain them to the group - we all follow along!
  • freely on the afternoon excursions. You will be able to talk fluently faster than expected!
  • ...and many more exciting ways to practice your skills await you, all of them will be stored in your personal German portfolio!

My main goal is to motivate every attendee to speak German throughout the whole course, regardless of whether you are an outgoing person or rather introverted ;-)


Oh, and the long, boring hours spent trying to learn vocabulary and grammar by heart? ... that is already happening on the side :-) have a look at German without grammar.


"Die Themen im Unterricht waren sehr interessant, und bei den Ausflügen habe ich auch viel Deutsch gelernt." - Matt / USA

"Ich hatte viele Möglichkeiten, deutsch zu sprechen und neue Wörter zu lernen, vor allem die Spiele waren motivierend." - Zana / Macedonia

What awaits you at "Deutsch im Weinviertel"?

Lots of things you definitely did not expect: Cultural delights, time spent actively in nature, getting to know the interesting people of the Weinviertel, gaining insight into the production of wine and local agricultural produce, hiking on the pilgrimage trail and having fun with newly found friends. And all of that in German!

The daily itinerary starts with German lessons at 9.00 am and ends after dinner - You will think and talk in German a minimum of 10 hours a day!

Weinviertel - what is there to see?

Weinviertel next to Wien - the silent beauty


Are you looking for a calming and refreshing getaway, plus improving your German language skills? Then the Weinviertel is just for you. The soft hills, those quiet, picturesque villages and stunning cultural heritage will release the stress.


I will show you a typical Weinviertler Kellergasse with its unique architecture, where the people of lower Austria used to store barrels of wine in several meter long, cool tunnels. Enjoy a decent glass of local wine at a traditional "Heuriger", a cozy tavern in between sunny vineyards. Explore remote villages or the pompous summer residences of the Habsburg family.  Join me on the lower Austria pilgrimage trail, where you can enjoy the most stunning viewpoints, offering a panorama all the way from Bratislava to the Alps.


You can read more about the Weinviertel and its people on my blog.